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Helping to Unlock the Complicatedness that Exists with Trying to Eat Healthy and Making Wiser Choices

OK, who hasn’t been bombarded by fitness, diet, and weight loss advertisements on TV via infomercials, commercials, online via pop ups, or in the magazines you read? Oh and only their program will deliver results, right! Of course they all … Continue reading

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Flat, Beautiful Abs and a Nice Strong Core

No doubt about it, one of your exercise goals is to probably have flat, beautiful abdominals and a nice strong core for daily living, looking good, and/or sports performance. Maybe rock a 6-pack! Umm…who doesn’t have this goal or dream? … Continue reading

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A Clean New Slate to Start Upon: Making Yoga One of Your Healthy Habits

Welcome 2013 and Happy New Year everyone! As you all know, a very popular practice around this time is the new year’s resolution. We set these little goals for ourselves because many of us view the new year as an … Continue reading

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