A Clean New Slate to Start Upon: Making Yoga One of Your Healthy Habits

clean slateWelcome 2013 and Happy New Year everyone!

As you all know, a very popular practice around this time is the new year’s resolution. We set these little goals for ourselves because many of us view the new year as an opportunity wipe the slate clean and start out fresh and new. Who doesn’t like that? So as you make your list or perhaps you made it days ago, think about ways in which you can be successful. How are you going to achieve each goal or resolution? Are there mini steps involved? Focus on the baby steps so you can achieve the big successes.

If you Google how to create a habit, a lot of the sites claim it takes approximately 21 days to create a habit. Some even say 28 days. Now as far as a habit is concerned, there are three parts. First, it takes a cue or trigger. This could be putting on tennis shoes and workout clothing or just making it to the gym. I definitely believe this to be true because for me, if I make it to the gym, I will work out. And that is the second part which is the act or behavior itself. Third, is the reward. That could be the sense of accomplishment, the runner’s or yoga high/euphoria, pounds or inches shed, or even a new outfit (workout gear or regular clothing).

And since many resolutions involve getting healthy by eating right and/or exercising, many fitness centers, yoga/Pilates/Barre and other studios offer 30 day commitments on various programs. It definitely meets the habit time frame. Shoot, I even have a friend who posted on Facebook that she was going to do 30 days of squats with each day having 5 more. (I think she got this off of Pinterest and the starting number is 60).

As you may have guessed, yoga is no stranger to the 30 day commitment deal either. The goal is to do 30 days of yoga and the basis is in a popular yoga guideline/book. According to The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 1:14, “the practice becomes well-grounded when continued through reverent devotion and without interruption over a long period of time.”

So with that being said, check out the local studios and gyms to see when classes are being offered, when yoga programming might occur on public TV channels or cable programming, buy a DVD, or pursue your own practice. Yoga practice can certainly be as long or as little as you like. Just do it!



About kwarren1970

I am an avid hiker and yogi.
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9 Responses to A Clean New Slate to Start Upon: Making Yoga One of Your Healthy Habits

  1. tonicooper says:

    I’ve started using Yoga with podcasts probably about 2 months ago and it’s not only relaxing, it’s very good way to define the muscles of the body. I dare not say I’d ever have a ‘dancers’ body but I feel more liquid and fluid and flexible in every day movements now. I feel a little bit more poised & calm. As with anything I hate starting it but love how I feel when I finish it so my trigger is the reward. 🙂

    • kwarren1970 says:

      That’s great. Do you have any favorite podcasts?

      • tonicooper says:

        Hi! No, not any favorites. I downloaded a podcast called “Beginners Yoga” and that’s the one I’m still working on. I’m almost courageous enough to go into an Intermediate mode but I better wait until after my trip in case I injure something! :p If you have any to recommend, by all means please do!

      • kwarren1970 says:

        You can always try intermediate and modify. I like yogatoday. Check them out. There is a small fee though.

      • tonicooper says:

        Thanks! I tend to go too far before I realize I’m not able to do something so I’ll likely hurt myself before I think to modify. Lol I’ll definitely check it out.

  2. Love this post! I think everyone can incorporate a little yoga into their life. BTW yoga downloads has some great 20 minute podcasts when you’re in a pinch.


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