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Airport Yoga: For Those Long Trips

Tomorrow I have to travel for work. My trip involves flying across the country. For the most part, I actually like flying. However; sometimes my body doesn’t. If you are like me, you get some cardio opportunities because you’ll have … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Have to Throw the Fish Back into the Sea…

So many people come in and out of our lives. Quite a few stay for a very long time while others stay for a shorter duration. Out of those who stay, again there will be ones who weather good times … Continue reading

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Work That Core: Oblique Muscles are the Prime Target

It is almost officially springtime! That means all of us will start to wear less clothing. To some of us, that is something we may look forward too. Others not so much and it may be because they are uncomfortable … Continue reading

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Don’t Practice on a Dirty Surface: Keep Your Mat Fresh and Clean

Lately, I’ve been talking about yoga practice mainly the various poses and flows, breath, yoga styles, and how to detox, relieve tension, and stress… What I haven’t talked about is where a lot of this occurs which is your mat! … Continue reading

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Job Loss and Cutbacks

Throughout America, numerous people are stressed out because our national budget is out of control. One of the ways our government is attempting to fix it is to either eliminate positions, hiring freezes, and/or cut back on hours worked. Today, … Continue reading

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