Airport Yoga: For Those Long Trips

YOGA_airportHalf Lord of the FishesTomorrow I have to travel for work. My trip involves flying across the country. For the most part, I actually like flying. However; sometimes my body doesn’t.

If you are like me, you get some cardio opportunities because you’ll have to run or walk very fast to your next gate all while juggling your luggage. The cardio is good, but the stress of thinking you aren’t going to make your connecting flight isn’t. And then it really is a rare opportunity to enjoy a flight where you aren’t crammed in the plane with no leg room. Now you get to be stiff (angry hips, swollen ankles, and sore backs).

Some Gentle Relief: 10 Simple Yoga Poses and Flows

So if you make it to your connecting gate with a little time to spare, you may want to do some light yoga to make you feel better. All you truely need is a little floor space. This is designed for everyone. Nothing is to complicated and you can do this as long as you’d like. You can even do a few of these in a chair. And nothing is that weird that you’ll attract unwanted staring!

1. Prep: Sit comfortably on the floor. Find your sits bones and allow your torso to grow tall towards the ceiling with your crown of your head lifting. Arms are relaxed either on your lap or allowing the hands to rest on the floor.

2. Checking in With Your Body: Close your eyes. Draw awareness inward. Check out your body. Where is the tension and the stiffness? Take note of it. Gently seal your lips and breath in and out through your nose. Lengthen your breath. Take time to fully inhale and exhale. Practice a few breaths.

3. Syncing Movement with Breath: Open your eyes and focus on that spot in front of you (Dristi) so you can tune out the craziness of the terminal. Inhale as you sweep your arms over your head. Exhale as you lower them back to your side.

4. Gentle Opening Twists: Start to add movement… Inhale your arms overhead. Exhale as you gently twist right and bring your arms to rest on the floor. Inhale arms overhead and untwist back to the center. Exhale as you gently twist left and bring your arms to rest on the floor. Do this as long as you’d like.

5. Side Body Stretch: Next time you inhale with arms overhead, grasp your left wrist and lean right. Exhale as you lengthen over and open up your side. Inhale back to the center and take hold of your right wrist. Again, exhale and lengthen and stretch out that right side. Do this 3x.

6. Torso Circles: Hands cup knees. Allow your torso to rotate in small circles. Do this for a few revolutions and then change directions.

7. Seated Forward Fold: Lengthen out legs in front of you. Legs are together. Feet are flexed. (You can have a little bend in the knees or sit on your neck pillow so your pelvis is elevated). Inhale the arms overhead. Exhale fold forward, hinging at the hips and not rounding the back. Reach for toes or shins. Inhale slightly lengthen. Exhale stretch a little deeper. Do this until you feel you shouldn’t push anymore. Breath and stay in the pose for 5-10 breaths.

8. Half Lord of the Fishes: (Picture) Keep your right leg straight but bend your left knee in. The foot is on the floor. Allow the right arm to rest behind you offering support. Cross the left leg over the right. Lengthen the torso tall. Pull in your navel towards the sping, Starting from the belly button, corkscrew twist back towards arm, gently lift the chest, and allow the head to look behind you. Hold for 5-10 breaths. Untwist and switch out legs so that the left leg is straight and the right crosses over. Do the same for the left side.

9. Butterfly: Draw the soles of the feet together. Hold your feet with your hands and allow the elbows to push down opening your hips.

10. Neck Rolls: Allow right ear to move to right shoulder. Allow left ear to left shoulder. Bring the head back to neutral. Now, turn head to the right. Turn head to the left. Back to neutral. Tilt right ear to right shoulder and tilt chin into the collarbone. Hold. Now take gaze towards the breast bone. Gently come back to neutral. Then tilt left ear to left shoulder and tilt chin into the collarbone. Hold. Now take gaze towards the breast bone. Come back to neutral.

You are now ready for your flight. Hopefully, it isn’t to long.

~ Namaste,



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I am an avid hiker and yogi.
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7 Responses to Airport Yoga: For Those Long Trips

  1. carolinayogini says:

    Some airports have a multi-faith room which I found was a perfect place to practice! I never felt more relaxed in an airport! 🙂

  2. theheartoftasi says:

    This sounds great! I have a long flight to Japan coming up soon, so I’ll definitely try these. I’m not an airplane person so this will help a lot. Thanks for posting it!

  3. Traveling definitely takes a toll on my body as well. Thank you for these tips, have a safe trip!

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