Fun Little Transitional Flow

A Vinyasa style yoga class is one that keeps you moving and can be considered a light cardio workout if you will. However, that doesn’t mean the workout is easy by any means. You will work up a sweat! To elaborate and simplify as what Vinyasa actually is, you should know that often you are changing poses with each breath. A breath is defined as a complete inhale (filling up the lungs) and the exhale (slowly allowing air to empty the lungs). Also, if you happen to pursue this type of class, you’ll hear “one breath one movement” or hear the instructor cue one pose during an inhale and another during the exhale. However; being mindful that the breath is not to be rushed and cut short. Just follow you breath. You’ll notice that your mat neighbors will be in various stages of the cued sequence, meaning no one will be exactly in sync.

A lot of times we go to a Vinyasa style yoga class and find the transitions from the left side to the right side to constantly be the same. Am I right? (I at least, have seen it happen).

No doubt many of you know or are familiar with the below transition.

Half Series/Vinyasa Flow:
High plank into Low Plank AKA Chaturanga Dandasana or Crocodile
Upward Facing Dog or Cobra
Downward Facing Dog
***and go…

And just to be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the above flow. If you are practicing on your own or are an instructor, have you thought about Letting Go Of Attachment and stepping outside of your box? I hope so! But if not, maybe this post will inspire you to find other little mini flows that help keep the body warm as well as serve as a way to transition from one side to another.

Chair and Mountain Flow:
Mountain Pose
Sink into Chair Pose
Diver Pose (This is a modification of chair pose. Lift your heels as your arms draw back into airplane arms).
Explode upward off your diving board into Extended Mountain
Arms extend out to the sides as you open your heart for Cactus Pose
Arms lift overhead back into Extended Mountain
Swan dive into Forward Fold

Hope you like it! Both of these flows work great when you are in the middle of practice working on Warrior Series or other Standing Poses. They are intended to be a seamless transition from one side to another which basically keeps you moving and as a result keep the body warm.

What other ones might you do? I’d be interested to hear what you do.



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I am an avid hiker and yogi.
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2 Responses to Fun Little Transitional Flow

  1. Inspiring quest there. What occurred after? Thanks!

    • kwarren1970 says:

      First of all, I’m glad you like it. Essentially, this little flow keeps the body moving so it stays heated. I don’t know about you, but if you, let’s say hold warrior I for 5-10 breathes and then follow with other standing postures each held for those durations, the body cools down. This is why I suggested inserting a little flow between your transition from left to right. For example you might do this: FF, Halfway Lift, FF, Low Lunge, Dragonfly Twist, (staying twisted with arms extended), Standing Twisted Lunge with Extened Arms, Warrior II, Reverse Warrior…you could insert the little flow or any for that matter before you pursued the other side. Sometimes I do the first one slow and then let the class pursue it as their bodies are feeling it allowing more of a Vinyasa approach. Sometimes, I do two different standing series that are all guided. My classes are an hour in length. Hopefully, you see the point I was attempting to make.

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