Summer Project

Typically, in January, many of us set goals called “New Year’s Resolutions.” That’s great! However, it definitely isn’t the only time to set goals. You can set goals at anytime you feel the desire to do so.

If you check out my archives, you’ll see that in February, I wrote about people losing their jobs or losing hours or forced time off without pay due to our government not being able to manage a budget properly. They are using big ugly words like SEQUESTER or FURLOUGH. Additionally, numerous programs and various services all over the place are being cut. It is definitely evident on the base at the pharmacy, chow hall, and so forth. And if you are looking for a job, good luck as there are hiring freezes all over the place.

As you can guess, as a government employee, I’m being impacted too. My fitness program that I managed out at Schriever was cut and I’m joining countless other government employees who are being furloughed. You can bet I’m definitely not happy about it!

I’ve been trying to be proactive with my budget because it is really going to hurt my family. Last February, I took a hard look at my budget with the goal to discover fru fru spending. At the time, I thought I was being furloughed in April. So far, I’ve managed to make some pretty good cuts. My cuts included: nail salon visits, Pilates, turning off heat and not using AC, limiting going out to eat, putting major house improvement projects on hold, shopping at the commissary more, using coupons, and calling my cell phone provider and cable providers for discounts or reduction of services. So far so good. But is it enough?

My furlough starts on 8 July and runs till 21 September. We lose 11 8-hour days per pay period. So since I will have extra time and less money to do it with, I’ve decided to do a few things.
1. Do minor inexpensive home improvements that I personally can do. Like paint, clean out the garage, dejunk, yard work… So my home will continue to get nicer as I own it which is a goal.
2. Visit family or have them come visit me. Since I already have all the gear, go camping with friends. Last time I checked camping wasn’t to expensive. And hiking too. Boss is letting us have some flexibility with our schedules so we won’t have to take leave.
3. My daughter, who is a runner gave me this idea… Launch a series of sports related themed yoga practices. I will first blog them and then I will try my hand at a YouTube video. I’ve never ever have done YouTube so I’ll be on a learning curve. Here’s what I have lined up. Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Cyclists, and Yoga for Swimmers. Stay tuned.
4. Exercise more! Helps with stress and I work on myself.

All in all, I’m trying to stay positive and keep up with the approach that has always served me well; the Glass is Half Full. And since I publicly wrote it all down which helps keep me on track of my goals, I know you guys out there will hold me to it. Please do!



About kwarren1970

I am an avid hiker and yogi.
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3 Responses to Summer Project

  1. Focusing on having a positive attitude is a must to get through major life difficulties. Good for you for setting realistic goals to help maintain the positive. I also strive daily for this outlook (now more than ever) and it definitely isn’t always easy! Best of luck to you!

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