My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

I’ve been seeing several of my friends sharing their New Year’s Resolutions on Facebook and quite a few of you bloggers are also doing the same. It’s fun seeing what resolutions and goals others are making. I also think it is very important to write them down so you can refer to them and reassess as to whether or not you are making progress.

I myself am a “List Maker.” I make myself a “Kristen To Do List” regularly. My list usually consist of chores that I hope to get done for the day (my day off). Maybe I’m a little anal. Whatever. It does seem to work for me. I even enjoy scratching off my completed chores. Accomplishments!
Since I’m talking about making up “Lists,” I wanted to briefly touch on that it is a habit of highly effective people. Back in 2006, I took this course called “What Matters Most” and “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. With the first class, it said for you to begin each day making a “To Do List” and then to prioritize what needs to be tackled first. Great course if you ever get the chance to take it, by the way. In case you were wondering, I was making lists long before. The course just validated my behavior.
My New Year’s 2014 Resolutions/List:
1. Get stuff done around my home. Just a few projects that are on my table. I have a fairly new home and plenty of projects that need to get done.
A. Finish installing blinds throughout the house. Hire a professional window decorator for my picture windows.
B. Paint my garage. I’ve read that a beige or light grey are great colors for the garage. It helps present a clean appearance. Plus, painting doesn’t cost a lot.
C. Hire my handyman to install shelves in my garage’s nook. I have a 3 x 7 area. Then, clean up garage – Dejunk.
D. Have Air Conditioning installed.
E. Finish fixing up my spare bedroom. I have guests coming in May as my daughter is graduating from college.
F. Do some minor landscaping. Small projects within my means.

2. Clean up my budget.
A. Pay off my car. (I’m almost there. Continue resisting the temptation to buy another car. I really want another all wheel or 4 wheel drive car. It’s better for Colorado especially during the winter. I gave my daughter my old all wheel drive SUV).
B. Pay off my Landscaping by the end of the year. I had to pay via credit card.
With these two major payments out of the way, other bills will disappear shortly thereafter. Plus, I recently found out my brother is getting stationed in Hawaii and I definitely want to come and visit. I’ll need spending money!!!

3. Get another yoga gig. Hopefully off base. I say this because every time there are government furloughs or cutbacks, programs like fitness are very often on the chopping block and I’m tired of this. It isn’t easy to build your classes, just to see them cancelled or suspended. Then when you get to start back up, half your clients don’t return or are very slow to. It takes a while to return to the levels where the classes were. (I teach on the side in addition to my full time job).
Currently teaching:
— Thursdays at Peterson (1205, Interval) and at USAFA (6:15pm yoga) at the base fitness centers.

4. Keep going to the gym. This is probably my easiest one. I have a membership at Lifetime Fitness and regularly go to the gym to workout and also to teach at the base gyms. Plus, I love to go hiking and there are a ton of trails here in Colorado. Additionally, I hang out with quite a few active people so that helps too. So to tweak this area, I will focus on hiking more, training smarter, and inserting/exploring great multitasking exercises in my programs. You know, kill two birds with one stone.

5. Continue to eat clean regularly. This is one that I have to regularly think about and plan for. But it is doable. Last August I did a Yoga detox (I blogged about it) and while my current eating isn’t so strict, I’ve managed to implement a few of the program’s principles and those transparent changes like blood pressure readings have improved from good to better. I may explore another detox program after doing some research. YogaFit has YogaLean and I’d like to lean more about that program.

6. Continue with yoga training towards my 500. Nice thing is that there is a YogaFit Mind, Body conference in March in Denver. I can get up to 40 hours of training from this conference alone. Then my fellow YogaFit instructor friends and I will put our collective heads together and negotiate for another training maybe for summertime in the Colorado Springs area. We will host.

So there you have it. I’ve written mine down. I’ve published it for all of you to see and hopefully ask me how I am doing. Keep me accountable! Chances are good that I’ll be successful. Good luck on yours.


About kwarren1970

I am an avid hiker and yogi.
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