In addition to some of my regulars, tonight I had a yoga class filled with newbies. It was a pleasant surprise!

Originally, I had planned a sequence which included wheel, breath of fire, and other advanced techniques. Now I know those aren’t necessarily the best choices for anyone who has had less than three classes under their belts, plus some of them were older. Long story short, I adapted and mentally selected other arrangements that were more suitable to beginning practitioners.

Has this ever happened to you? Did it freak you out?

I certainly hope not. But I do know that this scenario would cause some instructors to go into panic mode. A panicky instructor is likely new to teaching. (And we all were new once). Hopefully, your yoga teacher trainings go into dealing with changing on the fly and to do it with ease. If not, experience will be your best friend.

My point is that while you may create a yoga sequence or lesson plan, you still have to be flexible with it. You never know when a bunch of newbies will show or a pregnant lady or someone with a certain injury or condition. If your training doesn’t discuss this, I encourage you to personally explore “what if” scenarios. Do it now before a situation comes to a head in your classes and you don’t know what to do.

I’m in a lot of online yoga chat rooms where numerous instructors discuss or ask a ton of stuff. I’ve seen questions posed such as what do you do if a pregnant lady shows up to class. Great question in my book. What shocks me is some of the replies. I’ve seen responses that say turn her away. Now, I always reply is that really the best thing to do????!!!!

Let me tell you, it really pisses off people when they are compartmentalized and placed in the “NO” category. It’s yoga! Yoga is for everyone. As fellow instructors, we must learn to adapt, think outside of the box, and let go of that attachment. (I know you learned about attachment in your teacher training). Let them in the class…show options, encourage props, and modifications!


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I am an avid hiker and yogi.
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3 Responses to Newbies

  1. scyogagirl says:

    Love, love, love this! I’ve been teaching for going on 12 years, and I definitely panicked as a newer teacher when I had a “plan” and it wasn’t appropriate for the students who showed up. My training didn’t cover that, but I figured out what worked for me and now, I feel like I can handle anything! I LOVE when new, pregnant or injured students come to my class, because I look at it as an opportunity for EVERYONE to be reminded that yoga truly is for everyone.

    • kwarren1970 says:

      I’m glad you liked it. I got inspired by some of the yoga forums I’m in. There are a lot of newbie instructors and I can read the panic in their posts.

    • kwarren1970 says:

      You know, I agree, my school didn’t emphasize this either. I made plenty of mistakes earlier on. It would be nice if there was a section called “20 Things I Know Now that I’d Share With a Newbie Instructor.” Get that dialog going…mentorship is great for everyone!

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