My First Mind-body Conference

I’ve been teaching yoga for a while and practicing it for even longer. I absolutely love all things “Mind-Body.” However, just recently, I had the opportunity to attend a Mind-Body conference in Denver. This one was by YogaFit.

Anyways, leading up to the conference, I was extremely excited, but essentially had no idea as to what the conference would be like. Oh and I reached out to others asking them what to should I expect.

Well, let me tell you. I LOVED IT! And as such, I wanted to share my experience and tell you all about it. If you are YogaFit trained, maybe you’ll have the opportunity to attend one yourself. Maybe you’re curious.

The conference took place Thursday through Sunday and was held in a fancy hotel that actually was pet friendly. I stayed all four days and racked up four trainings. (I was thinking that I might as well take advantage of the training proximity and course availability). For this conference, there were many classes to choose from. The trainings were just like always, well executed with knowledgable master trainers and excellent! Teachers knew their stuff, were friendly, and approachable. (This is more than I can say about some other fitness trainers out there). Each class had the flavor of the other trainings I’ve taken independently throughout the past few years but with the courses focusing on their specific topic. In general, classes ran from 8am to 6pm or so. Beth Shaw even was there on one of the days and she presented a Mediation workshop teaser. I jumped at the opportunity to meet as well as take a training from her. And yes, I even took pictures.

That’s not all. With the exception of Sunday, each morning was greeted with the opportunity to take a Master class an hour before trainings were set to begin. As you can guess, I took advantage of opportunity and began my mornings with a practice. Loved each one! There also was a boutique that sold YogaFit merchandise and they had a nice selection. The best part, Sales! Additionally, we had quite a few “sponsor” breaks where we were showered with their snack bling. No complaints from me. On Saturday, YogaFit hosted a nice luncheon where we had a sort of pep rally, raffle, and recognition of 200 and 500 graduates. Lastly, the evenings had free little presentations. One was on essential oils, one was a documentary, and another was an informative on one of their programs.

All in all, I spent four days doing yoga which I love, hung out with all my friends, met several more new friends, and I learned quite a bit of great new stuff. In case you are wondering, I took the following classes:
1. Thai Massage. (I now have quite a few volunteers who said I could practice on them).
2. PMS to Menopause (I wish I would have been practicing yoga my teen years. I could have used some of the techniques I learned back them. Well, at least I know some good stuff for menopause).
3. Warriors (I’m super excited about this one. I learned all sorts of great stuff for and about PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, anxiety, autism…)

If you can, I highly recommend attending a conference, especially if you are YogaFit trained! What I especially liked was the opportunity to rack up some trainings in a short amount of time. (Now, I just need to digest, practice, and apply). Looking forward to going again soon. Now, I’m thinking about attending some of the Yoga Journal conferences. Wonder what those are like.



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I am an avid hiker and yogi.
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