10 Ideas for Earth Day

Our celebration of Earth Day is fast approaching. Always on April 22nd, this year’s annual observation falls on a Tuesday. However, some communities will have observations, events, and sales on the weekend leading up to the day also since a lot of people tend to be off from work and can participate more freely than on a work day. Overall, I’ve always liked Earth Day and the reason why it is observed. It really resonates with me as a yogi.

If you are like me, then this post is written with you in mind. So what is a yogi to do??? I have some ideas.

1. Spend the day outside (or at least part of it).
– There is so much you can do outside! Take a walk, go hiking, ride your bike, visit a park, dine al fresco, read a book on your patio, play with the dog and kids outside, or have a picnic… Endless daytime possibilities!
– At night, enjoy the night’s sky. The sky is fascinating and there are a ton of things to investigate. Shoot, a much enjoyed past time with treasured friends involves us sitting out on their deck talking about whatever came to mind, having a glass of wine, and enjoying the night sky. To this day, shooting stars are pretty cool to witness!

2. You regularly do yoga.
– Take your practice outside even if it is in your backyard.
– Maybe focus on the roots of your practice, have a root chakra theme, or explore a grounding mindset such as drawing awareness to possibly the big toe mound as it suctions into your mat.
– Explore a grounded sequence. Last year, in April, I actually found a Earth Salutation sequence and I posted it on my blog. Check it out, you might like it.
– Use grounding oils like frankincense and apply it to the soles of your feet and the back of your neck and enhance your practice. I’m a big fan of DoTERRA essential oils. Not familiar with DoTERRA, check them out. (I have a link: DoTERRA
– Maybe use no music and enjoy nature’s music or make a green conscious playlist.

3. Make a real green smoothie.
– Green smoothies are something I really like and usually, I have the gym’s cafe blend up one for me after my workout. The ones they make at the gym are pretty tasty! But when I make them not so much. So to remedy that, I took to Google. In my search, I found a site that has a super easy 60/40 formula and yet gives you flexibility to design your own blend. It can’t get any easier than a 2 cups of leafy greens + 2 cups of a liquid base + 3 cups of a ripe fruit. Because of this, I wanted to share the site. You can see list ideas for the leafy greens, liquid base, and ripe fruit. Here is the URL. Smoothie site Check it out.

4. Do yard work or plant something.
– To me spring is a celebration of plants and new growth. With this in mind, check out your nurseries and see if they have any sale specials. I always get inspired to plant something in the yard or at least buy a plant for the house. – And speaking of the house, did you know that having a plant(s) in the house will purify your indoor air which is great for asthma and even allergies. There are a lot of plants to choose from. I personally think an ivy is easy to take care of.

5. On this day, make a Vegetarian meal or even a Vegan Meal.
I suggest this due to the many documentaries and books that discuss the cruelty of factory farming and it’s affects on pollution. I have some trailers posted on my links page which may inspire you to explore this option at least on Earth Day.

6. Earth Friendly Documentaries.
The are a lot of choices out there. Now, on my page, I have mainly eating ones, but do know there are other choices to watch. For instance, last year, I watched “The Cove” which was in my opinion extremely upsetting and disturbing but I’m really glad I watched it. It was also well done.

7. Open up the blinds and drapes and take advantage of the natural light.

8. Pursue Earth Friendly Activities:
– Recycle, buy products made from recyclables, Adopt a Highway…
– Reuse. Have you ever boiled potatoes? Do you have a garden? Can be food or flowers. Let the water cool then pour over your plants. This delivers water and extra, but natural supplements to your plants. And you didn’t pour water down the drain. Collect rain water for outdoor watering.
– Try regrowing some vegetables or fruits from one’s you’ve cut up. It’s easy, sit the base or roots in water and place in sunlight. Google this and you’ll see the numerous options like onions, pineapple, carrots…

9. Meditation Walk.
Have you ever done a real Meditation Walk? They are highly rewarding and are great for stress relief. Do the walk outside and give your undivided attention to nature. Enjoy nature’s sounds, smells, textures… To truly do this that means no cell phones or iPods!

10. Use or make natural household cleaners.
– Natural cleaners are healthier and are just as effective as those toxic ones you possibly buy for around your house. There are a ton of recipes online where you can explore making your own or you can buy green products.
– If looking to make a cleaner, here is just about the easiest recipe. Get a generic spray bottle. Fill the bottom 1/4 with vinegar and then fill with water. This is a great option for the kitchen, mirrors, windows, and stainless steal. I give 100% credit to my Mom for this one.

Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you as you explore and celebrate Earth Day in your own unique way.


About kwarren1970

I am an avid hiker and yogi.
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2 Responses to 10 Ideas for Earth Day

  1. Kalene says:

    wonderful suggestions. I tweeted them because all 10 are special – just like our earth! Thanks for creating.

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