Yoga Fork in the Road

I guess it was bound to happen eventually. I love yoga, doing it, sharing it, talking about it, and teaching it. Not to long ago, I went to my first ever Mind-Body Conference. I enjoyed every minute of it’s total emergence. I learned quite a bit a great stuff.

Fast forward several month’s, I’m frustrated because my school isn’t offering anything I need anywhere near me. I’m post 200 hours and if I want training that means flying and staying in a hotel. Ugh.

I really want a 100 of my post 200 seeking 500 hours to go towards a Warriors training. My school has a Warriors training that the VA will even provide Tuition Assistance for. Anyways, I had the opportunity to take the first class at the conference and then nothing! Nothing is coming near nor anytime soon. That first class was awesome and overwhelming with information. Love the teaser!

I do want to learn verses take classes so I can get hours that would add up to a 500. There are a lot of fluff classes out there. For instance, I paid $199 to basically sit in a circle to hear women talk about menopause. While that is useful information, it isn’t worth paying $199 for it. Essentially, I want QUALITY over quantity to be my 500 hours.

In the mean time, I regularly attend a studio from another school but as a participant. I love this place too. I’ve met friends, have a strong practice, and I like what they teach as well as their style.

I like both styles….

The studio where I practice at is hosting a 200 hour teacher training in September which is just around the corner. I’ve asked about what they teach and what books they use. Interestingly enough, every book on their reading list is not even on my other teacher training list. Wow! Who would have thought.

So if I do take the studio’s training, I’ll have a dual 200 hours. I’m still working on my 500 too. Will I learn a lot of new stuff? No fluff? Is it worth it? I already started ordering their books on Amazon because I will read them.

Maybe I should just read these books and add to my knowledge. Maybe, I’ll love the training and the experience plus learn the new style.

The decision is not about how much it costs or if I can get more teaching gigs. It’s about the journey. And another thing that struck me, was my school that I have my 200 from never had a reading recommendation from anything written by the late Iyengar. The studio does.

Decisions! Anyone else experience this?


About kwarren1970

I am an avid hiker and yogi.
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