National Yoga Month – September 2014

Hello Yogis!
Wow, I can’t believe it is September already! This year certainly is flying by. The good news is that it is “National Yoga Month” once again. Yay!

Normally, I celebrate our month by teaching special classes where I slow down from a dedicated vinyasa to highlight a certain pose, break it down, show modifications, make adjustments, introduce or reintroduce the Sanskrit pronunciation, give out handouts, and answer questions. I’ve employed this technique for the past few Septembers and it has been well received by my clients at the various locations I teach at. I’ve learned from my clients that they want to do the pose correctly to achieve the highest amount of benefits or how they can modify a pose to suit their own unique needs. So with that being said, I will continue on the trend this September.
*** If you wonder which poses are great to break down, I’ve done the following successfully:
Chaturanga Dandasana
Half Moon
Side Plank

Recently, one of my clients has asked if I would break down some of the breathing techniques (Pranayama) also. So with that request, I will additionally highlight a different breathing practice for each class. In the past, I’ve broken down “Alternate Nostril Breathing” and I still think it is a great exercise to take some time with so it will be one of my choices.

So that is what I’m doing in my classes for my clients.

Now, for me personally, I have my own plans. I plan to celebrate National Yoga Month by incorporating some new and different yoga practices into my personal routines.

• Just recently, I wrote about possibly learning a different style of yoga which I’ll incorporate into my teaching. Well, if you were wondering, I decided to pursue that training. It starts on 10 Sept 2014 so I will be immersed in my own learning and growth of another style. (I don’t think it will be difficult to learn as well as blend into my current teaching since I practice at this studio several times a week). I’ve already started reading the books on the required reading list. I like the books so far!

• The first school that I am trained with is YogaFit and I love YogaFit! They are kicking off a program called “YogaLean.” It sounds interesting and as such, I’ve ordered the DVD and book. I have the DVD and soon I’ll have the book. Overall, it is my plan to incorporate this program sometime this fall with what I will learn. Eventually, I will likely seek the training, but nothing is coming my way anytime soon. Boo!
You may recall that last August, I did a program called the “Yoga Detox” and I blogged about it. (This happened to be from the studio that I am getting ready to train under). While, I liked the Yoga Detox program, I felt it was extremely strict (avoiding the Big 5) and is something difficult to maintain for more than 21 days but it is a great kick off program if you want to make some changes. (I guess I was seeking more of a life long lifestyle/eating change that was doable). Don’t get me wrong, I did the program for 21 days. I learned some things. As a result, I did incorporate some of the changes into my lifestyle and that has been good. However; I’m thinking YogaLean maybe a better strategy based on previews, but as in all things, time will tell.

• And lastly, I ordered a training DVD from YogaFit for what is called INDOBOARD (Standup Paddleboard) SUP Yoga. (I haven’t ordered the board yet, but think I can start on BOSUs which are plentiful where I teach). The INDO board is a great tool to teach and practice on, do SUP in the winter or when you are landlocked, or if you want to increase your core engagement. It is my plan to learn and perfect the technique so next summer, I can incorporate SUP yoga into my own practice, share with friends, and spend more time on the board vs the water.
I’m excited about SUP yoga. From April 2014 onward, I’ve seen tons of pictures from some of my yoga friends on Facebook who were doing SUP yoga in tropical locations. (I’m envious). It looked awesome and really fun. Here in Colorado, I’m landlocked so SUP isn’t plentiful and I haven’t tried it yet but I really want to.
The good news is that I’ve recently learned that you can take classes in a pool via our local dive shop. Those same teachers during the summer teach SUP yoga at two local lakes here in town which is cool. And the best news is that I can do my own SUP in these same lakes with a permit (day pass) and there are some other nearby lakes that have potential.
It is also interesting to note that one of my yoga friends who travels frequently and regularly teaches SUP uses an inflatable SUP board and loves it. I’m happy to learn this since I only have pools and lakes to practice on here, but I could take it with me when I travel to more tropical locations. Regular SUP boards are pretty big!

Can you tell I have some big yoga eyes? For me, September is kind of like January except I make yoga resolutions. The biggest thing will be the studio training, but the DVDs and books will be fun too.

Happy “National Yoga Month!”
I hope you are doing something new or exciting with your yoga practice and if so, I’d love to hear about it.


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I am an avid hiker and yogi.
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