1st Week of January…My Yoga Theme

Here it is the first week in January. I have three yoga classes to teach and I expect I’ll see newbies.

One thing I see often from people whether they are yoga newbies or seasoned yogis, is people make judgements about themselves based on whether they can touch their toes or can pull off crow or insert a pose of your choice. I hear it all the time. “I’m not good enough to take your class.” “I can’t touch my toes.” “I can’t put myself into a pretzel.” “Today, my practice sucked. I couldn’t balance with a damn.” “My firefly doesn’t look like those girls in those yoga pictures.” I could continue but I’m hoping you get my point. Heck, you probably hear them too!

Yoga is about learning to love yourself. There is no judgement, competition, or even expectations. I say this a lot! This is one of the reasons why I teach with the lights off or guide the class away from the mirrors. Sometimes, I even teach a class where the eyes are shut the entire time. It helps minimize these negative egoisms.

So with these thoughts and mind sets in mind, I decided to set a theme for my January classes.

This week its THE PRESENT MOMENT.strong>

I’m inspired because more often than not people make New Year’s Resolutions about how they are going to lose 10 or more pounds, get in shape, run a 5K or further, get a promotion…. And some people will succeed. Some won’t.

As far as the fitness goals are concerned, those that don’t succeed are probably going about it in the wrong way, both in mindset and practice. Several of us approach the goal with the ” want results now!!!!” So they lift excessive weight they never took the time to work towards, take 3+ plus aerobics classes in a day, take the hottest yoga class they can find, pick the most restrictive diet, and so on. The next day or two, these people wonder why they can’t walk. It is said that the gym rush typically dies down drastically after three weeks. Might it be these people? Humm!

I’ll say these supporting statements (all ground on Pinterest):

~The only job where you start at the top….is when you are digging a hole.
~You are where you are, at the time that you are, for a reason. Don’t waste it by wishing to be somewhere else. (Includes poses or anything else).
~Wherever you are, be all there.
~The present moment is the only moment available to us, and it’s the door to all moments.

Remember guys, enjoy your time on your mat, honor where you are, and just be you! Yoga is a practice, not a perfect. Also, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It will take time to take the journey. Enjoy the ride!

Until next time,

About kwarren1970

I am an avid hiker and yogi.
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