Partner Yoga

I’m betting that many of you will try out a “Partner Yoga” class this month. Perhaps you explore it on Valentine’s Day or maybe this month since it is the month of the heart.

Maybe you are taking a class. Maybe you are teaching the class. I’m the latter.

As I was designing my class, I got to thinking about what I could do in the class and who might be in my class. A lot of the places where I teach, I have mainly intermediate and newbie yogis and they are of various ages and fitness abilities. A few are what I’d considered advanced; however, the majority are not. The last thing I want to do is throw in all those climb on top of each other and aero types of poses and scare everyone away. (I think that is better suited for when I have more experienced yogis).

So since I don’t know who will come tomorrow, I’ll err on the more cautious side.

Here is what I’m thinking. This is intended to be a flow class. The pace of course can be dictated by who comes. (Mats are side to side, touching on the long side).


* Community Pose – this is extended mountain with inside hands clasped

* Double Side Bend – standing side by side, inner hands rest on partner’s hip/waist, outer hand reaches up and clasps partner’s hand. Bend to the right. Bend to the left.

* Double Backbend – facing each other, hands clasp forearms, lean back into a backbend


Sun A:

Community Pose – step back with outside leg into Star – step back into Community Pose – then flow into a Vinyasa (plank, chaturanga, cobra/upward facing dog, downward Facing dog) — repeat several times

Sun B:

Downward Facing Dog – outer leg lifts up and Hips Stack, perhaps feet high five – back to Downward Facing Dog – inner leg lifts up to step in between hands – twist towards front leg and extend hand upwards for Dragonfly Twist – Hands come to thigh to help come up and into Warrior IIReverse Warrior – finish with a Vinyasa — repeat several times

Sun C:

Downward Facing Dog– inner leg lifts – Warrior IWarrior IIR. WarriorTriangle – outer leg steps back – StarWide FoldStar then pivot to the back of the mat – Revolved TriangleVinyasa — repeat several times. Play with hands, maybe grab a partner’s ankle or reach up and try to find their hand.


* Titanic – one person stands in front of the other and reaches their arms back. Back person takes their arms as the front person leans forward (over the boat).

* Partner Dancer – do one side then the other side

* Double Tree – do one side then the other side


The following are seated poses.

* Double Owl – sit back to back in easy pose. Right hand takes your knee and left hand reaches back towards partner or their knee.

* Heart and Butterfly – still back to back. Legs are in butterfly pose. One person leans back onto their partner (Heart) while the other  folds forward (Butterfly). Trade roles.

* Diamond Pose – Face each other, legs straddled out, grab hands/forearms. One person leans back as the other folds forward. Trade roles.

* Double Boat – Still facing each other, legs zip together and each other’s souls of feet meet as hands come together outside of the legs.


Laying on mats but side by side. Bring knees into chest and find supine twist on each side. Partners can help with a hand on their buddy’s knee.

End in Savasana.

This isn’t a complicated class. All levels can do it. Plus it doesn’t take people to far out of their comfort zone as far as touch is concerned.




About kwarren1970

I am an avid hiker and yogi.
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