Adventures in Creating and Bringing Up a New Yoga Studio: Eighteenth Element Yoga – Just Over 2 Months In


Back in January, I introduced my adventure towards creating a yoga studio. So I thought I’d give you a little update. So much has happened! And…people are wanting to hear about the studio (at least our friends do).


Within the first month, I felt like we had accomplished quite a bit. I’ve learned there is A LOT of behind the scenes work. (That is an understatement!) Things like coming up with a studio name and a mission statement. Then after doing that, we had to establish our business entity through the State Department. Within days, we chose a platform to host our website and then created a profile on every single social media outlet that we could think of. We went on a photo shoot so we could fill our website and social media sites with some material. Finally, we did necessary stuff like get a P.O. box, a joint bank account, and explored Paypal and the Square.

That was all in the first month.


February, was just as busy. During this month, we finalized our operating agreement and started aggressively looking for a permanent home for the studio. While we were looking, we offered classes at both a nearby fire station and library. These classes were either free or donation based. Our strategy for doing this was to allow people to sample what we were about and to build our future community. It is slowly working.

The other major event was that we finally had a logo. (Check it out). We had been working with a graphic design artist. Once we had the logo, we put it on our social media sites, website, and printed schedules. We also started exploring T-shirt designs. Overall, we want people to associate the logo with our studio.

MARCH 2015

It isn’t even the middle of March and already a ton of stuff has happened.

I finally got around to writing our Business Plan which in my opinion is kind of intimidating to get started. However, now that I have a baseline written, it has been fairly easy to allow it to evolve. I think I edit it now about once a week. One thing I’ve learn about the business plan is that it has kept everyone on the same school of thought. It is a necessary evil.

We have continued to explore several T-shirt designs. We’ve sought the opinions of several people. Now, we have quite the variety and have placed an order. It is our plan to sell these T-shirts at our studio store.

Now, the biggest news is that we found a space! Both Lara and I signed the lease on Monday, 9 March 2015. Currently, our studio is being renovated by the landlord’s contractor. This includes adding a wall, painting, and laying carpet and wood flooring. Since seeing the space, Lara and I found inspiration for how the studio will be decorated. (Not telling you yet. It’s a surprise).

Other than that, we have been trying to network and market our studio. We plan to have a grand opening the second weekend in April. We will have a big party (probably catered) and several demo classes that would last 15 minutes or so. Our T-shirts will be available to purchase and we will have 5-Class pack cards to sell. The first month, the T-shirts and loyalty cards will have a special early bird price that will be good for the whole month of April.

Our studio information…

The name of our studio is “Eighteenth Element Yoga.”

We will offer a variety of yoga classes but will specialize in trauma yoga.

We have a Facebook page if you do Facebook. Its and we have a website too. Its If you do YouTube, we have just started putting up videos also.

I’d love for you to check us out. Tell your friends about us (especially if you are in the Colorado Springs, CO area or in the military). Or send us some support perhaps on Facebook.




About kwarren1970

I am an avid hiker and yogi.
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