Out There

Two of my loves are yoga and hiking. I regularly practice yoga as well as teach it. Vinyasa, slow flow, yin, and restorative are my go to practices. But I’m not your stereotypical yogi.

As much as I love yoga, I adore hiking; the really get out there kind where you just don’t see a ton of people. If you’re familiar with yoga’s fifth limb, pratyahara, this is my escape, my withdrawal from the overstimulation of every day life. I love to go all day long when I hike. Its nothing to do 10 plus miles. I admire the scenery, the blue bird skis, the wild flowers and trees, and alpine lakes and streams with complete mindfulness. Total immersion. And let me tell you, there is such an exhilaration at the summit of a Colorado 14er. When I pursue an endurance hike, I’m blessed to witness a sunrise or sunset and curious so far harmless animals. When you’re surrounded by nature, it’s easy to “let go.” After I hike, feel very grounded and renewed with energy. It’s amazing what it does for you!

I understand that not everyone is going to do what I do. So I share the best way I know how to. That is, I attempt to capture the moments on film, but of course my pictures never do it justice. I share it on Facebook and Instagram. My family and some of my friends love my pictures since I go where they can’t. Sometimes, my pictures inspire someone to give one of my hikes a try or they ask if I’ll take them on a hike. Of course I will, just let me pick one suited to their needs/abilities.

Also, if you go with a friend, you end up having the best conversations.

For the most part, my hikes have been limited to a day, albeit a long day. I have done the camping in conjunction with my hikes, but my campsite has always been assessable with my car so I could get clean, eat, and change clothes. Spend the night in my tent and start the next day from my base camp.

This summer, I’m doing my first backpack hike. It’s going to be 4 days in the Northern Cascades (never been there). I’ll get my pratyahara on for sure. I’m pretty sure, I’ll learn some things about myself and I’m so excited!



About kwarren1970

I am an avid hiker and yogi.
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