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Shake Up Your Asana…

What I really mean is your butt. Asana is the Sanskrit term for yoga poses. And our butt is the largest muscle group in our bodies. Anyways, I’ve been hearing a lot lately about weak glutes (our butt muscles) and … Continue reading

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Don’t be a Slave or Victim to Fybromyalgia! Empower and Feel Better with Yoga.

As many of you know, I often get Blog Topic inspiration from my clients. This blog post is no exception. Last week, one of my clients told me about his wife who has fibromyalgia. He has hinted to her to … Continue reading

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Yoga Requests: Something for the Back

When I teach, I always greet my yoga participants with an invitation to throw me some pose requests because let’s face it, the class is about and for them and not me. Sometimes I get pose requests and sometimes they … Continue reading

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