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Sanitizing your Yoga Studio during the “Sick Season”

Where I’m located, this past February and March 2020 (I’m writing this in March), our local community is “concerned” to include a few “panicked” about getting sick and in talking with other studio owners across Facebook, it’s a global concern. … Continue reading

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After Every Storm There is a Rainbow

As we go through our lives, we experience the highs and lows that life in general hands us. Highs are joyful events such as births, marriages, and success. On the flip side, the lows are things like death, job loss, … Continue reading

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Detoxing, Yoga Style: My Journey

Last October (2012), you may recall that I wrote about “Detoxing” as a yoga class theme (“Class Themes: Detoxing”). I usually present a detox theme in the yoga classes I teach following big events often celebrated with food. You know … Continue reading

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Don’t Practice on a Dirty Surface: Keep Your Mat Fresh and Clean

Lately, I’ve been talking about yoga practice mainly the various poses and flows, breath, yoga styles, and how to detox, relieve tension, and stress… What I haven’t talked about is where a lot of this occurs which is your mat! … Continue reading

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