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Thru Hiking; Take One…

Pretty much all of my hiking has been what is known as “day hikes;” although some have been really long days in the range of 9-12 hours. In my day hikes, I’ve trekked a variety of elevations with 14, 433 … Continue reading

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Don’t Practice on a Dirty Surface: Keep Your Mat Fresh and Clean

Lately, I’ve been talking about yoga practice mainly the various poses and flows, breath, yoga styles, and how to detox, relieve tension, and stress… What I haven’t talked about is where a lot of this occurs which is your mat! … Continue reading

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Taking Your Practice Outside the Box – Extending Practice Off the Mat

Think about it! There are a lot of fitness formats out there…Strength/Toning, Kickboxing variations, Bootcamp, CrossFit, Step, Barre, Fusions, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga…  Pick one and do your one hour workout and when class ends, you’re done until next time.  If … Continue reading

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