Kristen’s Teaching Schedule

Peterson AFB Fitness Center, Colorado Springs, CO:
*** Group Fitness Classes are free and available to all authorized gym patrons. You must present ID at desk, sign in for class, and receive an admission ticket. These are my classes. For the full schedule, see the flier bulletin board next to front desk.
1. Thursdays: 1205 Interval (A back and forth mix of various short cardio drills and resistance exercises using body weight and equipment). This isn’t yoga, although I often do yoga inspired stretching.
2. Tuesdays: 1205 Yoga – this class is taught by a good friend of mine, Ellis. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. However, I am the primary sub/sub of choice for this class. (The fitness center has mats and blocks. Now if you have your own mat, I highly recommend you bring it. They usually run out).

3. Thursday’s: 1100 Yoga – this class is taught by Summer and I also typically sub for her since it is the class before mine.
United States Air Force Academy Air Force Base Community Fitness Center:
*** The USAFA Fitness Center sells day passes for $4 or a 20 class punch card for $30. With this, you can attend as many classes as you’d like during the day. You just can’t beat that price! Currently, it’s free as of October 2017!
*** Classes are available for all authorized patrons. To attend class, present your ID, money, and sign in. You will receive your pass when you pay, otherwise, sign in and show the pass you earlier purchased. You can also be sponsored in as a guest of an authorized patron.
*** The full fitness schedule is available at the flier bulletin board located next to the front desk or online.
Tuesdays: 6:15 Yoga – This is my class. The first Tuesday of the month, I teach yin yoga and the remaining Tuesdays are a vinyasa style.
(The gym has mats, blocks, balls, and adjustable straps).

Eighteenth Element Yoga:

~ 5050 Edison Rd Ste. 115 Colorado Springs, Co 80915. ~

I teach multiple classes at Eighteenth Element Yoga (Vinyasa, Warriors Yoga, Mindful Resiliency Yoga, Yin, Restorative, Barre, Pilates, and PiYo).

*** We offer a specialty class “Yoga For First Responders” at Fire Department, Falcon, CO 80831
Meridian Rd, Falcon, CO 80831
Multiple days and Times
This is a class only for first responders. Class is free.

We offer live-streaming classes!

See our schedule (both in person and livestream) at: Eighteenth Element Yoga

Then click “Sign up Now” to see our schedule. I mainly teach on Wednesdays, subbing as needed, seasonal specialty classes, our 12 week Mindful Resiliency Yoga, and our Yoga Teacher Training.

My livestream classes area new addition to the schedule. You must register for the class in advance.

This is my studio.


I’m available to teach privates or small groups outside the above mentioned venues. It can be at my home studio, your home, or somewhere else. Classes can be tailored to anyone’s individual needs. I am available to teach big yoga events and have taught squadron PT, wingman day events, health fair demos, and women’s history themed yoga classes. As far as my offerings, I can teach a variety of classes: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Senoirs, Prenatal. You name it!

Contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss. Just drop me a comment here and I’ll contact you. Or feel free to email

*** My teaching schedule is current as of 19 Mar 2020.
This list will be updated as changes occur. I look forward to working with you.


2 Responses to Kristen’s Teaching Schedule

  1. Morgan Burton says:

    Hey Kristen,
    I’m new to yoga and am looking for someone/place that has evening classes like 3 -4 times a week. What is your schedule like for around 6pm? How much are private lessons?


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