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Partner Yoga and the Power of Touch

There are two ways to communicate, verbally and nonverbally. I’ve always learned that the bulk of what we communicate is really done nonverbally. That is our facial expressions and body language. Touch is a form of nonverbal communication too! Problem … Continue reading

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Other Yoga Class Formats???

I can’t tell you how many yoga discussion boards I’m part of through various websites and Facebook. There are lots of interesting discussions ranging in yoga topics galore! One popular question I often see is the “what should I call … Continue reading

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New to Yoga: Some Important Poses to Know About Before You Go

When it comes to yoga, EVERYONE has to start sometime and somewhere. There is always a first time! Yep, even us instructors had a first time. Maybe this is you. Maybe it’s your friend or a loved one. Shoot, not … Continue reading

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