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Shake Up Your Asana…

What I really mean is your butt. Asana is the Sanskrit term for yoga poses. And our butt is the largest muscle group in our bodies. Anyways, I’ve been hearing a lot lately about weak glutes (our butt muscles) and … Continue reading

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Thru Hiking; Take One…

Pretty much all of my hiking has been what is known as “day hikes;” although some have been really long days in the range of 9-12 hours. In my day hikes, I’ve trekked a variety of elevations with 14, 433 … Continue reading

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Out There

Two of my loves are yoga and hiking. I regularly practice yoga as well as teach it. Vinyasa, slow flow, yin, and restorative are my go to practices. But I’m not your stereotypical yogi. As much as I love yoga, … Continue reading

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Complementary Classes to Add to Your Yoga Studio Offerings

My studio, Eighteenth Element Yoga offers a nice selection of trauma sensitive yoga classes. You’ll find a regular schedule of vinyasa, Yoga H.I.I.T., Warriors Flow, Mindful Resiliency Yoga, Zen Flow, Restorative, and Yin. Yoga is offered everyday. Additionally, we offer … Continue reading

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Partner Yoga and the Power of Touch

There are two ways to communicate, verbally and nonverbally. I’ve always learned that the bulk of what we communicate is really done nonverbally. That is our facial expressions and body language. Touch is a form of nonverbal communication too! Problem … Continue reading

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Yoga Class Themes

It’s cold and snowy outside so right now I’m inside and being a little lazy which is kind of nice. I did my yoga already for the day and ran my errands. Now another storm is rolling in. In my … Continue reading

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The Flip Side… let’s talk benefits

A well rounded yoga practice has inversions in it. Quite a few actually! If you are a regular yoga practitioner, this is something you already know, have experienced, and probably pursue. Now, if yoga is a fairly new practice to … Continue reading

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Got High Blood Pressure? Your Doctor Said Give Yoga a Try.

The other day in class, I was informed by one of my students that she was trying to lower her blood pressure and her doctor had suggested yoga as one of many approaches. Yea!!! I love to hear stuff like … Continue reading

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Summer Project

Typically, in January, many of us set goals called “New Year’s Resolutions.” That’s great! However, it definitely isn’t the only time to set goals. You can set goals at anytime you feel the desire to do so. If you check … Continue reading

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Be the Master of “Your” Pose

I teach yoga. I take yoga classes as a participant. I have my own yoga practice. I go to yoga trainings. I write about yoga. I’ve been practicing for a long time. So as you can imagine, I occasionally get … Continue reading

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